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Writing & Publishing

Aspiring and established authors alike will benefit from my editorial services. Editing will help your work, whether you plan to approach agents and traditional publishers or intend to self-publish. Regardless of which route you take, an editor can be an invaluable resource in getting your writing published.

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Fiction & Poetry Editing

Editing novels, poetry, and other forms of creative writing requires a strong attention to detail, as both the technical and artistic aspects of every work should achieve a fine balance. Each writer has a unique style and voice; a skillful editor takes careful consideration to ensure it is developed fully.

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Non-Fiction Editing

I edit business writing and other forms of non-fiction writing. I am trained in business and marketing communications and experienced in producing publicity content for the publishing industry. Moreover, editors do more than just fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling—they understand the nature of the message.

Professional Services & More

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